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At Sandoch Engineering, We offer you the opportunity of meeting and working with a world standard fitted group of engineers of diverse class whith some of the followings services

Sandoch Engineering:

Metal based materials are still the most used for infrastructural fabrication and construction in the oil and gas industry. Fabrication is a process of cutting to size and shape and joining or assembling by welding or bolting of structural steel components. One of the areas of specialization of Sandoch Engineering Limited is in welding, with properly trained personnel and tooled–up equipment especially in pipeline structures, storage tanks, petrochemicals and other heavy fabrication such as in steel rolling mills and conveyors in cement industries. Our experience in fabrication and supervision includes, but is not limited to

  • Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Support Structures
  • Production Platforms and Heliports
  • Power Stations
  • Metallurgical Complexes
  • Footbridges; Structural Steel Works
  • Workshops and Stores
  • Crane Gantry Girders
  • Exit Stakes and Supporting Towers

Construction Engineering:

Sandoch Engineering Limited offers Civil and Structural Engineering Construction. We have remarkable experience in the Nigerian Construction market. Our work experience encompasses but is not limited to the following:

  • Building structures of all types.
  • Water Engineering, using lakes separators to remove the bulk and weight of sand and silt from water cleaning of gravity tanks. Drinking and process water clarification systems.
  • Drainage System – removal of rain water and ground water Swimming pools
  • Sewage and sewage treatment.
  • Road construction including gabions, culverts, guardrails, etc.
  • Heavy and light duty foundations including piling.
  • Land reclamation and dams.

Intergrated Engineering

Sandoch Engineering offers integrated engineering services from conceptual design, feasibility design to detailed engineering and construction implementation and supervision. Our unique arrangement with our subsidiaries and affiliates makes a turn-key project package in various engineering discipline possible. Inter relationship and overlaps of engineering activities have created a strong team of in-house multi-discipline engineers in SANDOCH ENGINEERING. We have experienced professional experts in the following fields: 1. Mechanical (machine design) 2. Electrical (machine design) 3. Civil (Construction, waste water management) 4. Environmental 5. Pipeline Engineering. These engineers work with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Auto CAD and other software packages are used for both diagnostic and design purpose. Sandoch Engineering operates on land, swamp and off-shore.

Maintenance Engineering:

Our highly skilled technicians and engineers engage in maintenance activities which include but are not limited to the following.

  • Debottlnecking of flow-stations/flowlines
  • Evacuation, cleaning and repairs of storage tanks
  • Blast cleaning and re-coating of storage tanks
  • Servicing of valves
  • Turn around maintenance
  • Compressor maintenance

Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion monitoring and control plays an important role in maintaining the facilities in the oil and gas industries. Metal based materials are still the most used for infrastructure fabrication and construction in the industry. These include pipeline network, for conveyance and casing as well as for processing and storage facilities like; Above ground Storage Tank (AST), Underground Storage Tank (UST) and fractionating columns. These metals degrade/deteriorate with time due to corrosion activities caused by atmospheric conditions aggressive processing chemicals in use and effect of the reaction between the chemicals, atmospheric conditions and the metals. Sandoch Engineering limited is an indigenous specialist corrosion engineering company properly tooled up (personnel and equipment wise) to conduct whole plant corrosion audit and establish corrosion prevention and monitoring programme. Our experts are vastly experienced both locally and internationally, and are at cutting edge in corrosion engineering services. Our technical partners are world leaders in corrosion engineering services. Our area of services includes:

  • Design and installation of cathodic protection (CP.) systems .
  • Over-the-line survey
  • In-line inspection and analysis
  • Pipeline pigging programmes
  • 3 - Layer coating of pipelines
  • Coating specification and inspection
  • Internal corrosion monitoring
  • Down hole chemical injection

Environmental Engineering

Environmental issues have taken centre stage in industrial activities world over. In the last millenium, increased environmental awareness and legislation have broadened the scope of most development projects. Statutory requirements by DPR and have made it mandatory for organisations to conduct their operations in safe manner and dispose their waste in like manner. Sandoch Engineering environmental operations therefore, cover a wide range of activities aimed at meeting these established standards and also, through application of latest research findings to continually upgrade the environmental standards. Sandoch Engineering environmental is therefore, poised to meet the requirements associated with environmental assessments, project licensing, remediation, protection and management services. Sandoch Engineering environmental provides the following environmental and engineering services to oil and gas industries or other resource based companies, industrial concerns, financial institutions and government bodies.

  • Environmental Baseline Studies
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Environmental evaluation report
  • Remediation of impacted environment (water, soil and air)
  • Design, construction and rehabilitation of waste treatment systems
  • Pollution monitoring and effluent characterization
  • Oil spill contingency strategy
  • Handling and disposal of hazardous wastes.